Fall Must-Haves

A new season needs new style! We partnered with NYC, fashion it-girl Alyssa Coscarelli better known as @alyssainthecity to curate some MAJOR style!

Goal: find exclusive products that would easily elevate anyone’s personal or interior aesthetic.

It’s safe to say that this goal was reached!

All of our brands for this activation were personal favorites of Alyssa which she handpicked for this shopping event! One of her style ethos’ is to find new brands who are just splashing into the scene and give them a platform to shine on.

What we came up with was an all-star lineup to get your Fall style to be SO MAJOR.

All photography shot by Daniel Schwartz

A statement bag for the season is an absolute must. But isn’t annoying when everyone ends up carrying the same one? With Dooz, you’re guaranteed to have a handbag that speaks to the very core of who you are. Why? Because they are designed with the Zodiac in mind! One handbag for each of the 12 signs! Handmade in Italian leather these handbags are an instant style elevator!

There’s nothing cuter than a batch of sun-kissed freckles to add interest to your skin. But what if you don’t naturally have them? What if there’s no sun to kiss you? Both these issues lead to the creation of Freck Beauty! What started out as the OG faux freckle product quickly turned into a full fledged, natural skincare/beauty line! One that will leave you looking frecking fantastic.

Style isn’t just all about what you wear sometimes where you live could use a seasonal sprucing too! A MAJOR pop of color always does the soul good which is why we sought out visual artist Katherine Plumb to design an exclusive pillow set. This Stockholm based graphic artist is known for her bold prints. Which is exactly what she created to breathe life into any living room, lounge chair or bench!

Word on the street is that Beyonce owns a pair of POMS sunglasses so we know this brand is SO MAJOR. Hailing for the land down under, POMS is known for their retro chic sunnies. For this collab they ventured into beautiful, hand beaded accessories. The perfect amount sparkle to bring your favorite looks to the next level.

Who doesn’t like to be comfy? No one? That’s what we thought. You’ll never be cozier than when you’re in Richer Poorer soft modal cotton sleepwear and socks. With cooler Fall temps, we thought we’re definitely going to need something for all those nap days and Netflix nights. This Cali based brand does stylish yet simple basics in a MAJOR way.

We couldn’t forget your sense of smell! Sandoval specializes in natural interior aromas. Essential oils hand mixed in small batches and then steeped with a positively charged crystal is what makes this brand SO MAJOR. Products that will quite literally keeps the good vibes flowing!

MAJOR style fit for a queen! These hair accessories are handmade in Milan, Italy. Bluetiful Milano takes its inspiration from Renaissance fashion. These regal “crowns” will transform anyone in the royalty they ought to be.

Haven’t you heard? The scrunchie is back! This retro trend is having a MAJOR comeback! Select LA is known for their presence in the vintage scene in Los Angeles! Their access to vintage fabric had founder wondering what she could do with it! These scrunchies are made entirely from leftover vintage & deadstock fabric. Talk about sustainable style!



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