MAJOR 10: Wellness Trends

Living well is SO MAJOR

With all the wellness trends out there, it can be confusing to find what #selfcare actually works for you!

Here are 10 products to surely make you live your best lives!

Ritual Vitamins

Taking your vitamins these days is no longer a chore of divvying out 10 pills to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. What an actual drag that used to be. With ritual all you have to do is take two pills and our health needs are met! Added bonus: they ship to your house monthly to make sure you stay in tip top condition.


Richer Poorer

Selfcare isn’t all about what you put in your body, sometimes it’s about what you put on it . More importantly, what you wear when you unwind is SO MAJOR. Richer Poorer is known for super soft loungewear basics that will make getting off the couch or out of bed always seem like a terrible idea.

Relaxation is key to any healthy lifestyle, might as well look good while you do it!


Drink more water! I’m sure this is something people have been yelling at you your whole life. Hate to say it but they have a point! Hydration is key for better skin, lower anxiety and general good health! This collapsible water bottle will fit into any bag, backpack or cup holder you’ve got. Even better? It’s sustainable so you’re also helping the environment. We’d call that a two for one wellness win!


Selfcare and skincare almost always go in the same sentence. Have you seen the amount of skincare out on the market today? MAJORLY overwhelming. Don’t fret, we’ve found a skincare combo that works on all skin types and is made with MAJORLY natural ingredients. Freck started out as a the brand for faux freckles but evolved into a full face story when it tackled the realm of skincare. Gentle, natural ingredients to make you glow from the inside out!


The easiest way to live well is to make sure where you live is a calm, relaxing environment. Before you bust out the big bucks to refurnish and go full HGTV renovation on your home you can start small! Sandoval interior essences and sprays are a no brainer when it comes to balancing the energy in the air you live in. Every bottle is hand mixed with globally sourced essential oils and then positively charged with a crystal! Sometimes the smallest things make the most MAJOR difference.

Charlotte's Web

CBD is a buzzy word in wellness right now. With all the frenzy around it, how do you know what to get? Charlottes Web CBD is meticulously made from soil to bottle. Every part of their process is detail oriented to give you the most effective, quality product possible. Plant wellness is certainly a trend but there’s nothing trendy about C. Webb’s CBD. They are the gold standard in their field (no pun intended). Whether you’re looking to reduce anxiety or boost focus this brand is here to help in a MAJOR way.



Level up your nap/sleep game with a Casper Weighted Blanket. Proven to reduce anxiety and lull you off into a good snooze, these weighted beauties are definitely going to be your new best friend.

HPE Activewear

Yes, working out is technically wellness but we have under good authority that top quality sweat gear will make your workout better. HPE is scientifically engineered to move with your body while you get your sweat on. Plus, when you look good you feel good too. Your college tee shirt can finally retire now that you’ve got MAJOR active threads to take its place.

Headspace App

Saying meditation is good for your mental health is a total “DUH” statement but how many of us actually A. do it and B. know how to do it? Headspace is a meditation app on your phone that you can customize based on your activity, mood and time available. Think about it, living a more peaceful and more well rested life and all you have to do is download an app? Now that is SO MAJOR.

Dope Naturally

Supplement powders have been on the market for years. What hasn’t been available until more recently is a supplement powder made from natural ingredients. Something about enhancing your body’s productivity whether it be energy, skin or sex drive with chemicals doesn’t sound right. That’s why Dope Naturally delivers results without all the harmful ingredients! Throw it in a smoothie, your coffee or a glass of water and see the results unfold.

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