Health & Wellness

It’s all about Health & Wellness

When kicking off SO MAJOR we had a tough question to answer, what do we start with?

That saying “you’re nothing without your health” came to mind, and we ran with it.

Health and Wellness are SO MAJOR because they are the foundation of everything!

With all the fitness and wellness trends out there we sought out to find some of the freshest brands out there to curate for the public.

We’re reinventing shopping, we needed brands that are changing the game too!

Approach: Holistic Health

Finding the right recipe of brands that approach the topic of health from all angles was the goal and that’s exactly what we did.

Diet: Dope Naturally, Mikey's

You are what you eat so we wanted to find brands redefining health food. Dope Naturally is a supplements line you can feel confident about when it comes to ingredients. This all natural diet addition helps you with energy, beauty even sex drive. But one cannot live on supplements alone! Mikey's delicious and nutritious meal options makes it easy to eat well without sacrificing taste. 



Health: Ritual

Getting all the nutrition you need to be your best is a MAJOR challenge. Enter Ritual! This vitamin concept gets rid of complicated pill boxes filled to the brim. 2 pills a day is all the health you need! Did we mention they are delivered every month to your door? How much easier can they make it?

Apparel: HPE

Looking good while you sweat is SO MAJOR. HPE makes clothes that not only make you look good but they also enhance your workout! These threads are high tech fabrics that are specially crafted to move with you while you get your blood pumping.

Selfcare: Yuni Beauty

Health is not all about calorie burning activities. Sometimes a little self-care goes a MAJORLY long way. Yuni Beauty is skincare reimagined from a natural baseline. These products make you feel good and you can feel good about what is in them.

Namaste: Pravacana Mats

It’s no secret that yoga is good for you. What is groundbreaking is being able to down dog on your custom designed yoga mat! Savasana has never felt SO MAJOR.

Accessories: Pair of Thieves, Vooray

No fit lifestyle is complete without accessories! How can you go to the gym without a gym bag? You can’t! Vooray has perfected the gym bag, down to having a shoe compartment. Inside that gym bag? You’d definitely need a stash of clean underwear and socks from industry heavyweights Pair of Thieves.

Tech: FitBit

FitBit has long been an industry innovator taking personal health to the next level. Their newest model was the cherry on top of our healthy sundae to complete the full circle wellness experience.

We strive to combine brands you love already with brands we know you’re going to love!

We are here to make your life SO MAJOR in every way!

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