Brand Partners

Meet the brands that are about to make you SO MAJOR.


It all started in 1996 when, Bark Street Bakery owner, Sherri Christian began making gluten-free cookies for her dog Scooter who seemed to be allergic to just about everything! With help from friends and neighbors, it turned into a business in 2003. In addition to clean food for animals, Bark Street Bakery believes in rescuing animals whenever they can working with rescue organizations to help find pets loving forever homes.


Beast + Babe is an independent, woman-owned and operated company founded in Venice Beach, California and now operating out of Austin, TX. They believe that the items we make and surround ourselves with should be beautiful on the inside and out. They craft limited-run collections using vintage or artisanal fabrics to reduce waste. They support ethical craftsmanship and make the coolest dog goods you’ve ever seen.


CatLadyBox is a monthly subscription box for cat ladies and their cats. We’re not crazy… just crazy about cats! Get a box of exclusive cat-themed items such as shirts, jewelry, home decor, and more plus toys for your cats, too! Every month has a new “ameowzing” theme, with unique items curated for each box every month. If you love cats, you’ll love CatLadyBox!

Lucy and Co

Lucy and Co.’s commitment to beautiful, high-quality dog goods is a reflection of the way they think about their dogs. They believe dogs are our best friends, siblings, and sometimes our only children. Lucy & Co. was, built on the idea that dogs are deserving.

The Foggy Dog

  • The Foggy Dog was born out of a lifetime love of dogs and design. They are a San-Francisco-based company dedicated to crafting well-made, thoughtfully designed products for discerning pups and their people. They know that pets are family. That’s why their beds, toys and accessories are all handcrafted in the US with the highest-quality materials and uncompromising attention to detail. They also know that your pet’s belongings become part of your home, and that’s why they care about making pet products that are as beautiful as they are functional. Your purchase supports small-batch manufacturing in America, and also helps a shelter animal in need.

Found My Animal

  • Found My Animal promotes animal adoption in a very direct way: let your pet wear your values. By encouraging rescue over purchase, Found My Animal supports animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver their simple, important message.


  • P.L.A.Y. makes quality dog beds with pets, people, and the planet in mind. When we were looking for quality dog beds for our own four-legged friends, we couldn’t find one that fit our lifestyle as modern pet owners, so we made our own. Each bed is crafted for maximum comfort and ergonomic support, feature stylish and easy to care for covers, and are made from sustainable materials to protect Mother Earth.


  • Dooz, a brand inspired by the zodiac, was founded in 2019 by New York based designers Rachel Borghard and Mia Kazovsky — a Taurus and Pisces respectively. The 12 signs are embodied within all of us, and Dooz believes in owning that. Dooz celebrates the freedom on self-expression through getting dressed.

Richer poorer

  • Founded in 2010 by Iva Pawling and Tim Morse, Richer Poorer’s goal is simple, they want to make absurdly comfortable clothes that look good. Their ethos is based in their belief that design, color and utility when it comes to your clothing can improve your daily outlook. This California brand makes their clothes thoughtfully with quality and comfort in mind.


  • Freck is founded by women and made for everyone, especially you! We are all about innovative skincare and cosmetics with high quality ingredients to make you feel seen and sexy. These products were made to empower and promote everyone. These cruelty free, vegan products will get your skin looking and feeling its’ frecking best.


  • You might already know about this Aussie brand for their MAJOR sunglasses. Founder Adriana Giuffrida used her many years in the fashion industry and influences from her Italian heritage and her global upbringing to come up with her signature, SO MAJOR aesthetic which now includes jewelry and hair accessories.


  • Founders Marta and Martina wanted to bring the drama and glamour of the Italian Renaissance back to life when they created Bluetiful Milano in 2017. These entirely handmade, Italian hair accessories will make you the modern mademoiselle you were born to be! The perfect “crown” for fall!


  • Handcrafted aromatics to awaken your senses and calm the space you live in! Sandoval does more than just make your home smell good, it makes it feel SO MAJOR too. Each product is hand blended and steeped with a crystal. They quite literally keep the good vibes flowing!


  • KJP is a lifestyle brand, created in London by Katherine Plumb and now based in Stockholm. All products are screenprinted by hand in our Stockholm studio, focusing on the craft of the process.

Select LA

  • Select LA has been a MAJOR name in vintage clothiers in Los Angeles and they are spreading their wings into their own accessories collection launching with SO MAJOR! These one-of-a-kind accessories are made locally (in LA) with sustainability in mind.

Master Dynamic

  • Started in 2014, Master Dynamic has quickly gained a reputation for their high standard of sound. “Brilliant sound and design motivate everything we do”. Their commitment to timeless design, quality craftsmanship and technical sophistication is what these headphones are all about.


  • The highest and lowest points of the earth all wrapped around your wrist. Lokai set out to create a sense of balance you can keep quite literally on hand. Every bracelet contains water from Mt Everest (the highest point) and mud from the Dead Sea (the lowest point). More than jewelry, Lokai also donates 10% of profits to charity.


  • "We know lots of things keep you up at night; what you sleep in shouldn’t be one of them.” Lunya is reinventing sleepwear for the modern woman. Every item is thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort! Lunya is here to say you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, you can have it all! Be comfortable and confident while you dream.


  • Efficient and pure. These are the principles behind Odacite. The perfect blend of French skincare principles mixed with green California. Odacite does everything sans toxins which means you’ll never find any fillers parabens or dyes in these products. Quality formulation is the secret to this brand’s success!


  • Matador’s mission is to design the best packable gear possible. They are driven by their obsession with travel, adventure and the great outdoors. This long lasting, quality gear is made by and for travel enthusiasts. Packing can be stressful; Matador makes it a little easier!


  • Staying hydrated while you travel is often times a struggle. That’s how Nomader came about. Water on the go while also being green and packable? Nomader saw a void in the market and filled it with this travel savvy accessory.


  • Paskho clothes are livable, workable, pliable, pushable AND fashionable. Clothes that work for whatever you are doing, wherever you are going all while being sustainable. They strive to make clothes that work on a flight, on a hike and can even be worn out to dinner. Paskho is here to do it all.

Protect Your Tail

  • Traveling to sunnier climates? Protect Your Tail founder loves the sun just as much as the next person, but she also saw the damage it can do which is where this clothing line comes from. Some benefits include being UVA protecting, anti-burning and anti-aging. Keeping your skin safe while you enjoy the sunshine!


  • Vooray designs premium bags and accessories for active lifestyles. Since its inception in 2010, the brand has been committed to perfecting its unique blend of fashion, function, and affordability.


  • The brand vision is to empower everyone to feel confident wearing HPE, to encourage movement, health and wellness. It is the activewear brand of a new generation. It is Human Performance Engineering. It is HPE


  • Ritual’s Mission: Your Healthiest Future. You’re more than hair, skin, and nails. Build a stronger foundation for better health.

Pair of Thieves

  • Ready for Everything
    Pair of Thieves believes in products that perform better that you’d expect. They use performance fabrics, construction, features to keep everyone dry, cool, comfortable and happy.

Dope naturally

  • Dope Naturally ignites your beauty, empowers you to embrace it, magnify it, flaunt it, and spread it to the world. Our beauty and wellness products are clean and honest – rich in nutritive super-fruits, super-vegetables, and super-food extracts from organic seeds, fruits, and vegetables
    Inner beauty is your strength. At Dope Naturally, our core promise is to empower you to look better, live better, eat better – and be better. In a word, Dope.


  • PRAVACANA means “expression” in Sanskrit.
    Their Art is designed by fellow yogi designers and others alike who have shared their artistic expression and yogic love for the mat.


  • Yuni Beauty is committed to providing high performing, ethically sourced, transparent ingredients, natural body and skin care products for active lifestyles.


  • Mikey's mission is to give you great tasting clean-eating options for every meal, and in between.
    Certified gluten free, Grain Free, Paleo. Dairy Free, Soy Free and Non GMO


  • To empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life. We design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.